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Traditional vows v. Personal vows

Omokore Tolulope

Recently, I watched a video where a beautiful couple were exchanging marital vows in church. It went on smoothly until it got to a point where the Pastor asked the bride to repeat after him “For better, for worse, for richer for poorer…” She refused to repeat the words verbatim, instead she amended it to her desire and said “ For better, for best, for richer for richer…”

Marriage vows are an important aspect of a wedding, especially church weddings. Couples want to say what they mean and would stand by, which is the sole purpose of a marriage vow. Some couples want to write their vows personally from the bottom of their hearts and not just some words given to them by a priest for them to repeat. There are some, like the lady in the above scenario who are not comfortable with the wordings of the vow and seek a modification.

The choice of whether to go with the traditional vows or a personal one can also be influenced by the church, if it is a church wedding. Most churches have standard vows used when joining a couple. If it is not a church wedding a personal vow can be used or a combination of both as the couple deem it fit.

There are also some churches in recent times that allow a combination of both traditional vows and personal vows. The burden to find out what is applicable to the institution in charge of the wedding lies on the couple.

Which will you prefer? Traditional vows, personal views or a combination of both. Let me know your choice in the comment section.