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Usually, when an intending couple sends their wedding invite, there is usually a section of the wedding invite that states RSVP, phone numbers or emails are usually also attached to it. What does RSVP mean? In Nigeria, some people are of the view that the acronym stands for ‘Rice and Stew Very Plenty’.

RSVP is an abbreviation of the French phrase ‘Respondez, s’il vous plait’. When translated, it means ‘Please Respond’. The essence of including RSVP in a wedding invite is so that the guests can let the couple know if they can attend the event or send their regrets if they will not be able to attend. This helps the couple and the wedding planner to know the number of people that will be expected and it will help them plan appropriately.

When next you receive a wedding invite with the RSVP section or a separate RSVP card, show courtesy of responding if you plan on attending or not. The couple took the time to invite you, take the time to also do the same in responding or else it will be considered as being rude. Now that you know RSVP is not ‘Rice and Stew Very Plenty’, I trust that your approach to it will be different.

Did you know what RSVP represents and entailed before now? Let me know in the comment section.