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Welcome to February, the season of love. It is also a very delicate season for lovers because of the responsibility of getting their partners a valentine gift. Gone are the days where ladies just give their men Boxers and singlet, there is a need for an upgrade. Don’t worry your pretty head, this article suggests ten amazing gift ideas for your partner, it is however important to understand what your partner would love.

1. Box of Pastries, wine and all manner of delicious items.

This may seem like the regular valentine gift, but it never goes out of trend. If your partner has a great sweet tooth, this is the option to go for. Order for cupcakes, doughnuts, chocolates and wine. The presentation can however be different, instead of the cupcakes delivered in a box it can be a bouquet of cupcakes or just something really creative, I’m certain that there are vendors that will be able to bring this idea to life.

2. SPA treat

If your partner is particular about his or her skin or you feel they have been going through a lot of stress lately. You can arrange a spa treat as a valentine gift for your partner. I’m certain that your partner will like to relax and be pampered.

3. Fashion Items

If your partner is a fashionista, this will go a long way in melting their hearts. Shoes, handbags, suit, dresses, accessories and a lot of fashion items, you should know what your partner loves and stick to it.

4. Gadgets

If your partner is a gadget freak, this will be a perfect gift. Get them a gadget they had been planning to get and surprise them with it. Smart watches, phones, PC, Games and any other gadget of interest.


It is often said that diamonds are a lady’s best friend, I don’t know for guys though. If your partner is a lover of jewelry , this is the perfect time to get that necklace, earrings, cufflinks, wristwatch that your partner will love. It will even be more special when you help them wear it. It is also a perfect opportunity to propose to your partner, if you are ready.

6. Dinner date at a restaurant

If your partner loves good food and an amazing ambience, a date at an amazing restaurant will be a good way to celebrate valentine. Discover what your partner wants and choose a restaurant based on that. Good food and good ambience makes a perfect date night.

7. Movie treat

If your partner is a movie lover, find out the movie they have been anticipating and book tickets ahead of time, it is an atmosphere to build intimacy and live in the moment.

8. Flowers

There are people who still love flowers, if your partner falls among that category, get ready to order a bouquet of flowers and decorate the floor with petals. You should be committed to whatever will bring a smile to your partner’s face.

9. Romantic getaway

A romantic get away will not hurt anyone, rather it builds intimacy and allows the couple avoid distractions and focus on each other. It doesn’t have to be so long and it doesn’t have to be so far away. The whole purpose is so that the couple can have a private time.

10. Money

It is often said that money answers all things, the notification of a credit alert brings an unspeakable joy to your partner. If you are in doubt concerning what to get your partner, Send them money and watch as their faces lighten up with a huge smile.

People have peculiar needs, this article only gives ideas for valentine, you can be more creative about what you choose to do, the bottom line however is to make your partner happy.