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The Story Behind Bouquet Tossing

Have you ever caught a bouquet tossed by a bride on her wedding day? Did you miraculously become the next person to walk down the aisle? I have caught a bouquet at a wedding before and here I am still single to stupor!
Over the years, there has been a wedding tradition where a bride tosses her bouquet over her shoulders to a group of single ladies. There is a belief that whoever catches it will be the next to walk down the aisle. The bouquet tossing can be quite competitive especially when most of the single ladies are ready to walk down the aisle.

The tradition of bouquet tossing started in England in 1800s, prior to that time it was considered good luck to simply touch the bride on her wedding day. Hopeful single ladies will often rush to the bride with the hope of getting a little bit of the bride’s wedding day good fortune and they would be married, Some took it too far by sometimes ripping parts of the bride’s dress. The bouquet tossing tradition was created in part to bestow luck without going to such extreme measures. The bouquet tossing often occurs at the reception and single friends of the bride can participate.

Purchasing a bouquet in recent times can be expensive and some brides may not be willing to part with it. Some brides however make mini bouquet just for the purpose of tossing while some brides do not consider the tradition necessary and may scrap it all together.
Have you caught a bouquet recently and did you get to walk down the aisle next? I will love to hear your experience(s) in the comment section.

I guess the bridal luck hasn’t rubbed off on me yet despite catching a bouquet once.