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You Are Beautiful

Omokore Tolulope

When you stare at your mirror probably in your room or somewhere else, what do you see? Do you see your flaws or you see yourself as beautiful? Do you see the enormous pimples on your face, the squinty and small eyes you have, the lack of pointed nose and the big lips you have got?

Do you look at the mirror and see a skin as dark as charcoal with no iota of brightness or flashiness? Do you see a stomach full of belly fat and you are so ashamed of it, or you see a leg full of spots and not ‘hot’?

Oh! The nails, do you see nails that are not so white?
When you look at that mirror of yours do you see a hair that is so short and not even black, or you check out your body shape and realize you are not even a figure6 not to even talk of a figure8, or you check out your body structure as a guy and all you can see in the mirror is that you do not have even one pack not to even say 6packs, do you see ugliness instead of beauty? If these questions are answered in the affirmative I can guess how you will feel after a visit to the mirror; frustrated, disappointed, and sad!

Sweetheart, why don’t you stay less focused on what your mirror tells you and focus more on what God says about you. I am sure you are of the view that your mirror cannot lie, but the word of God is also true, God is not a man that He should lie.
Dearie, God does not see the flaws your mirror sees which makes you depressed, frustrated and moves you to a position of isolation and solitude where you out rightly do not belong. Do you care to know what God thinks about you? Of course you will want to know and I am so excited to tell you!

God sees you as good (Gen 1:31), He sees you as His image (Gen1:27) do you know the weight attached to that statement? You are God’s image in all ramifications, everything you ever imagine God is, that is also what He wants from you because you are His image. Have you ever wondered why you have a spirit, soul and body? It is because you are God’s image and He is tripartite; the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Can you now see the resemblance?

God sees you as a ruler, one who is fruitful, and the unique creature He wonderfully and fearfully made. WHOOPS! This is where the huge misconception lies, many of us choose one and leave the other, either we say we are wonderfully made when we want to compliment ourselves as beautiful or we say fearfully when we want to describe someone as ugly. The Bible does not pick one and leave the other; you are wonderfully and fearfully made! A brief check into the dictionary, wonderfully means in a wonderful manner and wonderful means; tending to excite wonder, surprising, extraordinary, surprisingly excellent, very good, admirable, extremely impressive, great, amazing, astonishing, incredible, marvelous and fantastic. Fearfully means in a fearful manner, characterized by fear. God did not say you are wonderful and fearful; He said you are wonderfully and fearfully made.

WHAO!it means you were made to be an exciting wonder, to be extraordinary, surprisingly excellent, very good, admirable, extremely impressive, great, amazing, astonishing, incredible, marvelous, fantastic and frabjous. God had to create you fearfully so that you will come out good and without blemish. YOU are unique that is why all these adjectives are used to describe YOU.

You cannot be made in the image of God and still see flaws around you, YOU are beautiful! You may not think so, people around you may not even think so, but God knows so and He is telling you that you are beautiful. Beauty has been confined by the world to just a pretty face, good height, nice complexion, six packs, figure eight and the rest. Beauty is more than that, when God created you He said that you are good, hence you are beautiful.

Beauty differs from one person to another; we are all unique in our various ways. It is your responsibility to discover where your beauty lies and you need to discover yourself to discover your beauty. You may not have a pretty face but your beauty may lie in that great smile of yours. You may not have a figure eight or 6packs and your beauty may lie in that rich heart of yours full of joy, peace and love.

We are all beautiful in one way or the other and I do not completely agree that the beautiful ones are not yet born, in fact they are born daily it is just that they have not discovered that they are beautiful.

So, when next you look into that mirror of yours and you start seeing your flaws, go back to the Bible and view yourself from God’s perspective, that is your true worth! Eat right, exercise well, remain fit and healthy, look good, keep a good hygiene, see the beauty in others, but always remember that all the beauty you have got is for the glory of God and for His purpose alone. REMAIN BEAUTIFUL!