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A Letter to the lover of my soul

Dear lover of my soul,
I trust you are always fine and looking after my wellbeing. Ever since I met you I have become the luckiest person on earth and my life has not remained the same. At times I wonder why I did not say YES to you earlier than I did, I guess it was all for a purpose.
The thought of you at this moment brings smile to my face, you are all together lovely, you are perfect in your ways, you are caring to a fault, you are unconditionally loving, you are beautiful in your ways, and your love is just indescribable, without equal. Everyone sees me and ask what gives you so much joy and happiness? And I tell them if only you know and have my lover in your life you will understand what it means to have joy unspeakable, happiness unlimited and peace that surpasses the reasoning of men.
Every time I think about you, read about you, hear you speak, hear your name, my heart begins to beat fast for your love. You filled the void and emptiness in my life, you gave me the wholeness I cannot find in any other. I know I have drifted away from you so many times, I have hurt you at times, I have even taken you for granted, yet you still stretch out your arms waiting for me to return back to you.
Who am I to merit this love? What have I done to deserve this unconditional love you offer to me? I am not the best, I am not perfect, yet you do not look at those qualifications, you still shower me with your love and encourage my growth in you. I love you! I love you! I love you! Even when I slip and fall I still love you, even when the challenges of this world comes, I will still love. But no matter how I claim I love you, I realize that your love supersedes mine to the extent that you gave yourself for me hmm …the true definition of love is who you are.

Ololufe okan mi’, I know I struggle at times, I know I do not reciprocate this love at times, yet I ask for your help to love you the way you love me and to extend this love to others has you have told me to do. Oh! How I wish people would experience this love! You mean more than this world to me and I am not willing to change you for anything, you are everything to me.
I am writing to renew my love for you and to pledge my allegiance to love you without any hindrance, I want to love you with all my heart, I want to love you completely and I know it will nearly be impossible without your help. Thank you for your sacrificial love and I promise with your help to continually love you even though it can never reach the height of the love you have for me. THANK YOU LOVER OF MY SOUL, LOVE YOU!
NOTE: Jesus is the lover of my soul and you can just experience His love by saying yes to him today, he has wooed you for so long give in to Him today.